11 Ways To Sell Your Photos Online Earn Money Online

11 Ways To Sell Your Photos Online Earn Money Online

Posted On :: 2017-11-25

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Guys, I know you are passionate about creating some unique snaps with your camera or smartphone for Instagram & Facebook in these days to engage your followers & loved ones.

Great! In this article, I am going to share how can you earn regular royalty from your best & professional photographs.

People, who write blogs, making websites and host webinars remain in regular need of professional pictures.

Many sites sell subscription-based photos selling services to these people.

These websites get photos from the guys like you and share a good percentage of royalty with you.

If you can share professional photographs as per the terms of these websites, you will get a regular money in your account from these websites.

I am sharing with you some valued sites to sell your photos online.

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#1. Shutterstock

Before uploading your photos on Shutterstock, go to "Google Trend" first to find most trending photos.

People on Shutterstock love to buy 4K videos of cityscapes, landmarks etc. and HD content on fashion and beauty.

You can also upload vectors as these are in high demand nowadays which will give you chances to earn more money.

You will get photo editor on this site to resize your images, and you can also add logo, text and templets to make your photos perfect.

After sign up, you can earn up 25% royalty on your photos, which you can increase if your images become famous among people.

You can make up to $28 per photo, but it depends upon the cost of your pictures.

#2. iStock Photo

It has a large customer base of 1.5 million in 200 countries, so you have a fair chance to make your photos buyable.

Apart from other images like Shutterstock, here you can upload JPEG images and MOV video files.

It also enables you to sell infographics and illustrations.

You will get 15% royalty for photos and 20% for videos and illustrations.

By becoming an exclusive contributor, which means by selling your photos exclusively on this site, you can earn up to 45% royalty.

You can upload a large variety of photos on iStock which include nature, pets & animals, science & technology photos.

You may also upload family photos, food & drink photos, holiday photos, fashion & beauty pictures.

All the other features of iStock are same as in Shutterstock.

#3. Getty Images

It allows you to upload a large variety of images on latest trending styles from every walk of life.

Like on Shutterstock, you can upload vectors, which is very much paying these days.

Getty Images highly recommends photos and videos of social and cultural issues and on any creativity.

You can upload HD and 4K videos on a real-time thriller, local & national news, sports events & celebrities news.

You may also upload images & videos of award shows, concerts, fashion shows or any other red carpet event.

As it pays you by the quality of your pictures and videos, so try to upload unique content.

#4. Fotolia

A unique feature of Adobe's Fotolia is that it provides you auto-keywords, which will help you sell your content fast, as people like to search images with keywords most.

You can upload photos and videos on different subjects, like technology, fashion, food, portraits, lifestyle, architecture, and more.

But, like in Gatty Images, they should be of high quality.

You get 33% royalty on your images and vectors and 35% on videos, but it depends on the price of your photos.

You can receive payment directly in your PayPal account.

Fotolia has an active customer base of around 4 million from around the world, so you have an excellent opportunity to sell your content globally.

As it collaborates with Adobe's other software packages like Photoshop CC, Insign CC, Illustrator CC and other Adobe desktop apps, you have an opportunity that people can buy your images directly from these applications.

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#5. Dreamstime

Apart from content like on the other sites, here you can upload videos of music and sound effect.

You can send photos on various topics like sports, politics, social events or nature.

It has a customer base of 18 million. It pays you 25% to 50% royalty and Rs 0.20 as a bonus for each image.

#6. Alamy

It has a photo collection of 110 million stock images, vectors and videos for sale.

And what is more, it adds 1 lac new images daily from 60,000 photographers and 600 picture agencies from 173 countries.

So it is an excellent platform which enables you to create more creative images. You may upload images on any of trending topics like news, entertainment, lifestyle, historical, etc.

You get 50% royalty on your photos.

#7. GraphicStock

It is a platform with a collection of 3 lac pictures, vectors and illustrations with 2 million customer base.

So you can upload photos, vectors, and illustrations from fashion & beauty, sports, holiday celebrations, nature and wildlife, tour and travel and much more.

It also allows you to sell your images on any other platform. You are also free to upload or remove photos anytime on this site.

You get 60% commission on each sale.

#8. Twenty20

It enables you to create your online gallery, and you can keep on adding your best new images. Also, you can upload unlimited photos on this site.

Here you can sell your photos to the different segments.

Apart from making money on every sale, the site provides you daily photo challenges, which will help you to get recognition.

As the sign up on this site royalty-free, so you always remain an owner of your photos.

I think photography is a paying hobby but it expensive also. But with the proper approach, you can make your photography more profitable, and safe.Please, Tweet this

#9. Bigstock

The big difference, which you will find on Bigstock from other sites, is that it has a panel of experts who will first review your images, as per their terms and conditions.

After getting approval, you can upload your images to get to its list of the photo collection.

The site also keeps copyright of your images with it, so you can not sell your photos on any other platform.

Sign up here is free and you get a royalty of 30% on each sale.

The site also enables you to track your sales and transaction details on "Image Earning" page of your account.

You are free to upload images of every moment like a girl doing yoga, a carpenter cutting wood with a saw, two little pets playing in the garden, a girl working on a computer with a cup of tea and so on.

#10. PhotoShelter

It is a website, particularly for the professional photographers.

You can upload your images to its cloud storage, which does not have any size limit so, you can send photos of any size.

It provides you more than 100 features and tools to make your images perfect.

There is also a shopping cart to sell your photos, and you are free to select prices of your pictures.

You can offer coupons and discounts directly to your customers. You get payment directly in your PayPal account.

Over 80,000 professional photographers are members of this site. You can sign up either for royalty free images or copyright license.

You are free to upload private galleries on the site and post them on social media from the site.

You can upload a large variety of images on this website including fashion and beauty, wedding, music, live music concert, and more.

#11. Zenfolio

It collaborates with top vendors around the world which offer you over 2000 images. You can also store own photos.

You can send your photos to your studio or directly to your customers.

The site also provides you ten templates to make your images look beautiful.

You can store unlimited photos and videos on this site, which you can also share on social media.

The customers can also see your photos in Zenfoio's "Photo Moments" app.

The price and payment policy is same as in PhotoShelter.

It has broad product categories like albums, stationery, home decor, photo gifts, and prints.


I think photography is a paying hobby but it expensive also. But with the proper approach, you can make your photography more profitable, and safe.

You may find several other websites to sell your images. But what I try to tell you only those, which I believe, can offer you proper royalties and that is also in safe mode.

By improving your photography skills with the passage of time, you can earn more from your passion for photography.