13 top ways to make money on youtube channel

13 top ways to make money on youtube channel

Posted On :: 2017-08-27

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Youtube, All of our life is full of youtube videos every day. People watch youtube video more than 6 billion of hours every month. Many of the YouTubers are also earning huge money with youtube channels.

Today I am going to share with you how can YouTubers are making huge money on youtube channels. I visit youtube daily to check out some videos for knowledge and entertainment. You can call me regular YouTuber, and I know you are also on the same route.

As you better know youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after google. People love to watch videos on youtube to check what others are saying about products like products reviews & feedbacks and so on.

Youtube channel is so simple to start, Just log in with Gmail account, and start uploading videos for the general audience. (According to youtube & Adsense terms policy).

First of all, You all doing this for money, right.

But before seeking money, You just do it because you love to do it, as per mine opinion. If you do it with your passion, There is no limit of money in this profession. It's True.

In this article, I am sharing what types of video you can upload to your youtube channel from the day first for your passion and money.

(01). Cooking YouTube Video

If cooking is your hobby & you can make recipes of your dishes, which you think the people will love. Fortunately, You can start your YouTube cooking channel to share those recipes with others.

Previously, the people were entirely dependent on television or recipe books to find recipes of their choices. But today, with the growth habit of people to access the internet, they love to search on youtube to find desired recipes of their taste.

So, if you can create a video of your cooking, which I suggest, should be presentable also, you can attract not only a lot of audiences but also have a great chance to earn handsome revenue from google Adsense on your youtube channel.

As it is a vast field, you can create & upload your more informative cooking videos on your You Tube channel regularly to reach huge youtube audience to make more consistent income online.

(02). Make YouTube Video For Foodies

People love to watch reviews of the favorite restaurant in their city & also about foods people eat around the world.

So, your YouTube videos, which revolve around the food, will receive a lot of views. And if your video is about Indian street food, you are likely to get more views than you could ever imagine.

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(03). Create "How To" Videos

If you are a tech savvy & you can create various "How To" do videos than you can get a large following.

You can create videos on different topics like how to repair mobile or laptop hardware & software, how to remove tough stains from your expensive clothes, how to remove the scratch from your car.

Several people around the world use to search the internet to find out such topics to solve their problems. Find what problem people are facing and make How to video for such topic to get target the audience.

So if you are an expert in any of such fields, you can share your expertise with people through your YouTube channel.

As it is a wide area, you can upload your regular videos with more information. And with your skills, you can gain a lot of audiences & in return, will get real income.

(04). Motivational Videos

"One does not plan to fail, but one fails to plan." But do you know why you fail to plan?

Simple, you do not have a clear vision where you need someone else to inspire you.

A teenager has a dream to do something unique in life, a senior wants to spend peaceful life after retirement, or a sportsperson wants to touch the sky.

But all need some inspiration from others to do so. Do you have the power to motivate others with your thoughts, either with writing inspirational content or expressing yourself through your motivational videos?

If you can motivate others, to help them to do something positive & in the right direction, then you can touch the heart & soul of the masses.

People will not only like to watch your video but would share them with others, which in turn will provide you huge subscriber base.

And you know, today You Tube videos are one of the prime sources of motivational videos.

I would like to suggest you that you can refer to various social sites to find motivational stories & videos from world renowned celebrities.

(05). Fashion & Beauty Videos

Fashion & beauty seems to be the hottest trend today & people of all ages & gender love to find new ways to look unique from others.

So, as a fashion & beauty expert, you can make glamorous tutorials in your videos, where you can explain to people about the latest trend of the routine day & night make-ups.

You can also share your reviews about trending beauty products or any topic which you think the young girls would like to know.

You may also guide how to get ready without make ups or how to look glorious with little make ups within few minutes.

In fashion, you can share your reviews about the latest clothing of the seasons & your views on the current fashion styles of celebrities.

You can create regular informative videos for your You Tube channel on this topic to gain more youtube subscribers.

(04). Make Online Tutorial Videos

Online tutorials are becoming more popular these days as it enables people to learn things without referring books.

Whether you are a teacher or a marketing professional, a software programmer or SEO expert, you can create tutorials videos to teach people what you know the best.

There are millions of people who regularly explore the internet for knowledge. If you are good enough to share your experience, you may help others to learn while making quick money for yourself.

(05). Make Videos Of Your Travelling Experience

If you love to travel frequently & use to go places, then you are on winning street. Just create videos of your trip & upload it to your YouTube channel.

Your journey can be by car, train or anything else, you have to gather memories of your travel experiences & keep on making your YouTube videos at regular interval.

You can share beautiful landscape or chirping of birds in dense forest or the inside view of the hotel, you stay.

I feel the people will love to watch this kind of videos & will appreciate you. It will bring you lots of audiences.

(06). Make Videos Of Cute Babies

YouTube is full of videos with cute kids. But every new video still gets a good number of views, as people of every age group love such videos & also like to share them extensively on social media.

(07). Home Remedy & Natural Therapies Videos

Do you ever think why people are getting more attracted towards natural therapies for the cure of various diseases in today's world?

I believe that they feel that natural remedies have no side effect like other medicines. Secondly, they find that home therapies can cure even those diseases which are not curable in other conventional treatments.

So, you can create your You Tube videos on various remedies which may range from how to make face packs to remove your pimples and black spots from your face. How to gain or reduce weight naturally. How to cure blood pressure & heart problem with natural therapies and so on.

As these kinds of videos have a large scope, you can upload your videos regularly on your YouTube channel, which in the result, will bring you more revenue and you will be able to get great youtube subscribers.

(08). Other ways to make money

There is a myth for YouTube like, post some videos, attract viewers & then cash in on the revenue you get from ads.

It looks simple & also effortless, so it is the story everyone uses to sell get-rich-quick schemes. However, you can not make a healthy income on your YouTube ad revenue alone.

To earn more profits from YouTube, do not consider that platform as a monetize-able medium.

Instead, think about it as the catalyst. The right way to make money from YouTube is to make use of its massive network.

There are different ways to make money on YouTube.

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(11). Sports Videos

Are you passionate about sports & also love photography, then you can make sports videos for You Tube.

You can start your videos from school level & with your growing expertise in the field, you can create videos of big events.

To create sports videos for You Tube, you must strict to some basics.

You must create only highlight videos means your video should not be long as You Tube automatically adjust your video.

The most popular videos on You Tube are between 2 to 4 minutes. And if your video is going to be longer than 4 minutes, your viewers are unlikely to watch it & shorter version will keep your viewers watching till the end.

You should shoot your every part of the play in clips of 15 to 30 seconds.

To create more impact on your viewers, you can add music, cheers from the crowd, close-ups of players, shots from different angles & much more.

Try to make an interesting video to get more subscriber base by adding more features to your videos so that the people start waiting for your next video.

(12). Fitness Videos

In today's world, every body is struggling with one or the other fitness problems. Lots of people are fighting to loose weight & the others are trying to gain some fat.

As a dietitian, a gym instructor or an aerobics expert, you can make your YouTube video which will guide people how to stay fit.

With expertise in your field, you can suggest various diet plans, different techniques of workout, & what to eat & what not, which will help people to stay healthy.

You all can collaborate with each other to provide a complete fitness solution to your subscribers.

I think, it is a trending topic & you may likely to gain lots of following out of these videos.

(13). Create Screencast Videos

Screencasting is very effortless which is nothing but recording your computer screen. You can create tutorial videos by using certain computer applications or websites by recording your computer screen while using the same.

Software such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc. is tough to handle even for those people who have basic knowledge about them. Most people look for YouTube tutorials for the same so that you can get a lot of viewers easily.

You can also make screencast videos of your reviews on specific websites or Softwares. For screencast videos, you do not need to face the camera.

It is an effortless way to make videos which people love to watch.

(12). Sell your premium videos

If your ultimate goal is to make money from videos, there are lots of better options rather than relying only on ad revenue.

Instead, first create your YouTube channel & build an audience. Your primary goal should be to engage your audience & build your brand name.

Then, once can drive traffic to your landing pages, now you can up-sell viewers with your premium video content.

The best way is to do this is to collaborate with some platform, which will help you to create your store & will sell your on-demand video content with your domain.

You can sell your videos as pay-per-view rentals, or monthly subscriptions or anything like these. The best part of this is that you will be able to fix your price, & you do not have to split revenue down the middle, with YouTube.

In the world, after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine, so for marketing, it is hard to overlook this massive resource.Please, Tweet this

(13). Attract sponsorships

The significant advantage of sponsorships is that you do not have to pay YouTube any amount as fees. You also have the advantage to negotiate with sponsors, which depend on impressions & the size of your audience.

In the most of the cases, the amount of revenue, which you generate from sponsorships, is substantially more than YouTube ad revenue.

Also, you can still generate ad revenue, so you are likely to get two sources of income from the same video.

So, you need to find out ways in which you can use YouTube’s network to accomplish sources of revenue. That is how you can make money with YouTube.

It is excellent to get your content hosted for free by a site which is among the world’s top 5 websites.

So, YouTube allows you to make money from the comforts of your home, with zero investment.

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